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Advanced Polymer Treated Individual Multiple Strands

APTIMUST is a new kind of wire. Given a choice, Audio Enthusiasts would demand solid core conductors because they know that they produce the best sound quality. Often, however, they will compromise with high quality multi-strand conductors because Aptimus
they allow the flexibility required for home installation. Now IXOS has developed APTIMUST, which for the first time allows a multi-strand cable to behave as a solid core conductor. The challenge involved developing a microscopically thin polymer dielectric coating which would isolate every individual copper strand in a multi-strand cable while at the same time remain sufficiently elastic so as to maintain the cable's flexibility.

How does APTIMUST work?

In any cable, the high frequency signals tend to migrate to the outer perimeter of a conductor or conductors. This is known as Skin Effect. In a controlled diameter solid core this is usually not a problem because the signal always remains within the solid strand. In multi-strand designs the tendency for the signal to migrate forces the electrons to arc across the individual strands. This phenomenon is known as Strand Interaction and will, if not controlled, give the music a coarse characteristic. With APTIMUST this problem is eliminated because the signal is 'tunnelled' through each individual strand by the micro-polymer barrier. No arcing occurs, resulting in a silky-smooth, full bodied holographic image.