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IXOS Innovations

Innovation and technology are at the very heart of our design principles. Research and development have been key to our consistent success and allow us to keep pace with the ever changing variety of applications required in the Home Entertainment market. At IXOS we focus on developing products which are both unique and genuinely useful to all users of Home Entertainment.

We incorporate only the very best materials that will do justice to our product designs. The raw materials used in our products are constantly monitored for parameters such as batch purity, plating quality and solder efficiency to ensure our high standards of specification are maintained throughout. Each and every one of our products rely on the integrity of the raw materials we use to ensure they are amongst the very best in their class; whilst continuing to offer exceptional value for money.

Below you will find a selection of IXOS's successful innovations:

  • Connecting Science - HDMI™
    An introduction to High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
  • IXOS iVEC Technology
    iVEC™ technology solves the problem of low frequency noise generated in long length cables commonly found in home theatre installations.
  • Aptimus
    Advanced Polymer Treated Individual Multiple Strands
  • Gamma Geometry
    A new dimension in cable technology