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As we move into the development and future of high-definition, the displays, components and cables are becoming more complex. HDMI™ (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the latest connection type available between components and displays to transmit a true digital signal of both audio and video in a single cable.

After engineering our HDMI™ cable to exceed all of the industry’s standards, IXOS® raises the bar even higher by engineering iVEC™ technology. Learn more.

XHV458 PC-OFC High Definition Interconnect

DVI Female to DVI Female

Connect your Cable TV Box, DVD or Satellite to your LCD or Plasma.

AV Amplifier Cable TV/Satellite DVD Game To Display TV 

View XHV458  PC-OFC High Definition Interconnect

XHT708 iVEC™ Cable

HDMI Female to HDMI Male

HDMI™ Passive Signal Conditioner w/iVEC™

AV Amplifier Cable TV/Satellite DVD Game To Display Plasma Screen 

View XHT708  iVEC™ Cable

XHT408 PC-OFC High Definition Interconnect

HDMI Male to DVI Male

Overture Male HDMI™ to Male DVI

AV Amplifier Cable TV/Satellite DVD Game To Display TV 

View XHT408  PC-OFC High Definition Interconnect

XHT308 PC-OFC High Definition Adapter Cable

DVI Female to HDMI Male

Overture Female DVI to Male HDMI™

AV Amplifier Cable TV/Satellite DVD Game To Display TV 

View XHT308  PC-OFC High Definition Adapter Cable


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