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XHP285 8-Outliet AV ECO Powerstation™

Improves energy use and saves you money by intelligently switching off and switching on associated devices.

Amplifier AV Amplifier Cable TV/Satellite CD Player DAC Display DVD DVR External Hard Drive Game Laser Disc PC Plasma Screen Powered Sub Pre Amp Printer Projector PS2 PS3 Satellite Speakers Tape Deck Tuner Turntable TV Woofer X-Box X-Box 360 To Amplifier AV Amplifier Cable TV/Satellite CD Player Display DVD External Hard Drive PC Plasma Screen Powered Sub Pre Amp Printer Projector PS2 PS3 Satellite Scanner Speakers Tape Deck Tuner Turntable TV Woofer X-Box X-Box 360 

View XHP285 8-Outliet AV ECO Powerstation™

XHP280 8-Outlet AV PowerStation™

Provide clean power AND protect your AV equipment - Guaranteed to £500,000

View XHP280 8-Outlet AV PowerStation™

XHP180-UK First by IXOS 8-Outlet Powerstation™

Protect your AV equipment from mains power surges - Guaranteed to £50,000

View XHP180-UK First by IXOS 8-Outlet Powerstation™


Product Comparison

Product Comparison