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XHT658 SP-OFC High Definition Interconnect SP-OFC High Definition Interconnect

XHT658 SP-OFC High Definition Interconnect


  • Proprietary Nitrogen Gas-Injected Polyethylene dielectric provides maximum insulation and significantly reduces the dielectric constant
  • Triple shielding provides maximum protection against RF and EM interference
  • Patented 4-layer PC board minimises FEXT (Far End Cross Talk) by stabilising impedance
  • IXOS® TRU-HD™ Certified High Definition 1080p Digital Video Transmission
  • Eliminates audio and video digital-to-analogue conversions
  • Silver plated conductors for superior signal transfer
  • Hard gold plated connectors and patented cable technology provide the finest signal transfer
  • HDMI™ certified
  • HDMI™ certified * All IXOS Overture HDMI and DVI cables will pass a 1080p signal up to 11m. To receive 1080p on longer length cables, please use the XHT808 or XHT708.

Availabe sizes: 1m [3ft], 2m [6.5ft], 3m [9.8ft], 5m [16.4ft], 7.5m [24.6ft], 11m [36ft]

HDMI Male   HDMI Male
HDMI Male to HDMI Male

AV Amplifier Cable TV/Satellite DVD Game To Display TV 

IXOS iVEC Technology - After engineering our HDMI™ cable to exceed all of the industry’s standards, IXOS® raises the bar even higher by engineering iVEC™ technology. In reality, more and more people are installing home theatres making it common for cable lengths to exceed 7.5m (24.6ft.). iVEC™ technology solves this problem by engineering a patented microchip to act as a passive equaliser to filter out unavoidable low frequency noise generated in long length cables.
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first and only industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface.

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July 1st, 2007

What HiFI 

“The priciest cable in this test is also the very best here. Instead of all-copper conductors, it uses silver-plated copper, and upgraded shielding. The result is a punchy, dynamic picture with excellent colour. Try it out!"

February 1st, 2007 

"Compared with most other video interconnects, HDMI cables are smaller and easier to fit. However, the connectors are thinner and more care must be taken not to put any stress on the plug. It can sometimes be difficult to keep heavier leads in ...


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Product Comparison